Reviews for "COD: Random Warfare"


the mexico army just not an army, a drunken man

KeithSandwich responds:

He spilled his tequila and lost his will to fight I suppose...

asian army!!

wotah ayoau viwotoia g aovhh JACKIE CHAN ahsdfhlahli

KeithSandwich responds:

Ha, the exact wording for those who want to know: "Bonzai! Godzilla, Jackie Chan...Kung Pao Chicken!" Thanks for your time.

COD: Random Warfare

This seemed to stray pretty far from a COD parody besides a couple of repetitive jokes but I still found it really funny. I was impressed by the sheer length of the movie.

KeithSandwich responds:

I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad that you enjoyed it! As for the straying from COD thing, my intention was to keep it grounded in the Defend Burger Town mission while throwing all sorts of (random) stuff I joke about while playing the games from the series.

really funny

hehehe a funny one I'll give it an 8

KeithSandwich responds:

Thanks, funny was what I was going for since I can't draw.

Hilarious at parts.

The Good:
+Jill Sandwich into was amusing.
+There can't be anything gayer than this (followed by the Army of Two bit) got me laughing hard.
+The Mexican Army was hilarious (this, coming from a Mexican)

The Bad:
-Voice acting was alright, could have been better.
-The "this is so gay" theme got old fast.
-"Hoo-Ah! Alright, cut the chatter. Hoo-Ah! Alright, cut the chatter. Hoo-Ah!" We got the fuckin point man!
-Overall, had a lot of filler that just wasn't that funny.

Verdict: 4/5

KeithSandwich responds:

I'm suprised (but grateful) that you voted so high given some of the negatives you have listed. In my defense, if you have played MW2, the "cut the chatter" and the "Hoo-ah" stuff is not really an exaggeration on my part. They seriously say that every chance they get and that was used as the foundation of the parody.