Reviews for "COD: Random Warfare"

Lol weird

it gets rly weird when he goes alright cut the chatter then the people go Hoha or something and then he says alright cut the chatter and hen again xD.
But overall very gd.

KeithSandwich responds:

Thanks, it makes a little more sense if you play the game because they say that a lot. Especially if you play on veteran and have to listen to that shit everytime time you die and load the damn checkpoint.


That was freaky! but awsome at the same time. oohrah

KeithSandwich responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the comment. You pretty much summed up what I was going for in the long run.

Great job

That was really funny. You could of taken more time on some of the animation, but the humor made up for that. The whole army of two thing was my favorite part though.

KeithSandwich responds:

Thank you I appreciate your comments. I was really banking on the humor since I draw about as well as Salem and Rios play guitar.


What the Hell did i just watch?

KeithSandwich responds:

Try to be more specific or you will come across as an idiot.


even tho animatioon was not the best and the art but i thought it was great keep it up

KeithSandwich responds:

Thanks, I know I can't draw, so I was trying to keep it entertaining as much as I could to make up for my shortcomings as an artist/animator.