Reviews for "COD: Random Warfare"

asian army!!

wotah ayoau viwotoia g aovhh JACKIE CHAN ahsdfhlahli

KeithSandwich responds:

Ha, the exact wording for those who want to know: "Bonzai! Godzilla, Jackie Chan...Kung Pao Chicken!" Thanks for your time.


the mexico army just not an army, a drunken man

KeithSandwich responds:

He spilled his tequila and lost his will to fight I suppose...


That was freaky! but awsome at the same time. oohrah

KeithSandwich responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the comment. You pretty much summed up what I was going for in the long run.

Lol weird

it gets rly weird when he goes alright cut the chatter then the people go Hoha or something and then he says alright cut the chatter and hen again xD.
But overall very gd.

KeithSandwich responds:

Thanks, it makes a little more sense if you play the game because they say that a lot. Especially if you play on veteran and have to listen to that shit everytime time you die and load the damn checkpoint.


now this IS random warfare.

KeithSandwich responds:

Just like in real life!