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Madness Character C.2

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Madness Character Creator 2 is finally here being the sequel to Madness Character Creator, this includes 65 different characters and 45 weapons for you to choose from, along with a dozen backgrounds and fun!
I had to shorten the name to Madness Character C.2 because there wasn't enough room in the title box.

You can change the characters category by clicking on the orange boxes which say "Original" and "Other". By doing this you get different characters for example in "Original" you get Hank and Tricky but in "Parody" you get Gordon Freeman and Batman.

Under every weapon there is another one, but it goes behind the character you make so you can make your character have 2 weapons.

When clicking the arrows to choose your character you can drag the head or body and place it where you want.

You can stop and start the music by clicking on the music button.
I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do :D

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Name: Sung-Ho (nightfall)
Allies: Cole and vincent
Enemies: AAHW
Favorite Weapons: Axes
Skills: Hapkido
Backstory: Unknown

Character: Dan Illovich
Story: Dan was part of a Prototype project initiated by AAHW. However, the project was canceled after Dan somehow ran away. Once he did, he armed himself with a few weapons and military clothing from a black market, and created a militia
Friends: occasionally aids White Hank and local criminals in certain tasks
Enemies: Hank, Deimos, Sanford. He also hates AAHW for making his life a mess, although he doesn't tend to attack their bases unless he really wants to
Equipment: stolen AK-47
Torso (body): Sand-colored military Clothing
Head: Green Bandanna
Hands: Black Gloves
Shoes: Normal

mines a demon

Name:Leo Afton
Role:Survivor,allied with Hank
Story:Leo be a citizen,running at ATP Soldiers,have a parkour skill,runned at Nevada,Wanted for Escape for Nevada,after escape Allied with Hank and fight With Hank For Agents And ATP Soldiers.
Accessoes:Stolen ATP Backpack
Body:ATP Jacket
Hands:Black Half gloves

I decided to make a post on what a character is
The character:
Name:Don Iyati
Role:Ex - ATP Soldier Allied with Sanford and Deimos
Iyati was just a average citizen until he was imprisoned for suspicious acts.
He broke out in a prison riot and joined Sanford and Deimos.

Mask:Stolen ATP helmet (Fixed)

Head: Normal
Body: Jebus jacket
Hands: Black gloves
Shoes: Normal