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Reviews for "Madness Character C.2"


Awesome 5/5 & 10/10

XXBlinx responds:

Thanks :D


:) great. i loike it how there is lots to chose from

XXBlinx responds:

yeah, glad you like it I tried my hardest on it

Not too bad. Could use a few improvements...

The number of scenes were quite diverse, but the scenes could do with being a little larger with respect to the character.

The number of costumes was varied and entertaining. However, only having one guy isn't so much a madness scene as a madness portrait. One thing other editors have that this lacks is placable bodies. If you can somehow replicate bodies and have the same costume menus for each one created, more possibilities open up.

The ability to rotate EVERYTHING that can be placed. Freedom to rotate stuff = much cooler scenes.

The music track was cool, but didn't loop without manually stop-starting. Adding looping, and a choice of maybe 4 or 5 tracks would greatly improve this.

More than 2 items of a specific type would be useful in this regard with more characters to place, with an undo or clear button to reset things when things get a bit mad. :)

XXBlinx responds:

I'll try and improve on all you ideas next time. I see what you mean but rotating object is quite hard to code. And you can place objects where you want you can drag and drop the bodies and heads

Its pretty sweet....but

There's only one flaw. the melee weps. They all point up so its hard to make anything look good with em. They need to have a function to tilt them on an angle.

All in all i loved this creator. In fact spent 2 hours last night using it to make my clan outfits to use in our game we play, for a ranking system.

Lets just say they all like the new looks


XXBlinx responds:

I'm glad you liked the game. If I make another madness character creator then I'll make it so you tilt the weapons


Pretty tight game, love the whole arsenal of items to choose from.

XXBlinx responds:

glad you like it :D