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Reviews for "Madness Character C.2"

Not bad.

If this wasn't done so much i would like it.

Things i loved:
Gordan freeman
alyx vance
and combine :D

XXBlinx responds:



It's Very awesome that u can make a ninja in this game

XXBlinx responds:

teh ninja owns!!!

nothing too new or interesting at all.

The only reason I'm giving this two stars is because you added two things that I have never seen in any other Madness scene creator. That would be the Halo sword thing, and that skeleton gun thing that looked really bad-ass. Out of the several hundreds of scene creators that are EXACTLY like this, I don't recall ever seeing those two things.

Hell, my reviews on these scene creators are getting almost as repetitive as the scene creators themselves.. Basically there's absolutely nothing except those two guns that deviates this scene creator from the ocean of all of the others.

XXBlinx responds:

Well I haven't seen any scene creators were can flick though tons of bodies and heads with a button so this is quite original. Also madness scene creators are fun to make and fun to play so that's why I have made this


its a great concept but a rotation tool would really be appreciated and maybe a few more song and maybe a create your own body/head section in the game would be great too but its still cool oh and maybe a share feature for everyones characters to be seen by everyone else...

XXBlinx responds:

yes, I am glad you like the game but many of the suggestions you have told me are very hard to code

Nice job

a way to turn the guns would be nice, maybe some drop down menu's to maxamize space, other then that, nice:D