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The Impossible Game Lite

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The best selling Xbox Live Indie Game, The Impossible Game, is now out on the App Store - and you can play the free browser-based lite version!

You control an orange cube, and the only control is to jump by tapping the screen. The aim is to get as far as possible by jumping over spikes and jumping on blocks. Any mistakes and you go back to the beginning, and with an awesome soundtrack synced to the level it becomes incredibly addictive!

Check out http://www.flukedude.com/ for more info, and remember you can buy The Impossible Game on the App Store!

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Lmao, the number of idiots calling this a GD ripoff...

I played the impossible game for a long time back in the day, even had a version for my graphing calculator. The time limit is a bit silly, should have given us a full level at least :/

Geometry dash rip-off

@RonaldYT The Impossible Game came out in 2009 for Xbox Live, while Geometry Dash came out in 2013 for mobile devices.

is a copy of geometry dash and only lasts 30 seconds, A FUCKING GAME!!

Why does this literally have 20 seconds of gameplay