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Reviews for "The Impossible Game Lite"

wow, u did epic man! no joke. this is now one of my fave NG games. :D

i mean cmon now i spend like 30 seconds on it before it sticks me with an ad and i bought the game but cmon now i need an ipad or iphone no not happening

Wow, really? Come on. I know you have to make money, but this demo literally lasts under a minute before sticking you with an ad. As I bought this game on the PSN for a dollar, I can review the full game but I refuse to give this demo more than a 2/5. If you're going to upload a demo of this game, I'll rate the demo.

The Impossible Game is definitely a good idea. Rhythm-based platformer? Sounds good to me. Tough-as-nails platformer? Sounds good too. But when you send a player back to the beginning for one mistake, it ruins immersion, and when the practice mode has its sound replaced with something entirely different, it doesn't help you practice and it defeats the purpose of it being rhythm-based. This should have either been more lenient, or it should have shed the whole rhythm concept. But putting both together drives you nuts as you listen to the first few seconds of a song OVER AND OVER.

Anyway, you chose some great music from well-recognized artists on Newgrounds, but that doesn't mean much if you never get to hear it. I also feel like the graphics were way simpler than they had to be. Attractive? Yes. But couldn't you at least add some customization options? Maybe an audio visualizer around the perimeter of the screen that can be toggled? Or a freeplay mode that makes the game more musical?

By far the most annoying thing about this game is that you really only have one button. Which means that you could use any kind of graphic to cue the player to press a button. Hell, this game could have looked like Vuvu Hero. In fact, you could watch a video with different graphics while playing this game if it were synced correctly. The lack of interaction between the player and the game is a huge issue.

you should make the full level like level: 1,2,3

It would get a better rating from me if we got at least the ENTIRE first level.