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*you have been asking if there is a possibility to save the game. Yes there is! Just press the printScreen button on your keyboard (prntscrn) and go into paint. goto edit>paste and you have your pretty little creation saved on your computer!

Be sure to show what you make on this thread (take out spaces)
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1160904

-Front page! super cool!

Create an Uzzy is a game started maybe a year or two ago. With the help of my friends, guest artists, and testers We have made the game.

Thanks to Alex and Will, you guys rock!

Thanks to the guest artists!
TheNamesDarkly, Andriod-Music, M-Entertainment, Meep1, zedd56, KingKombat

Thanks go out to the testers

and finally Tom Fulp and Newgrounds.com for sponsoring this game.

I will read all reviews! every review is important to me.

Here is a little thread to show the stuff you make:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1160904



Didn't deserve turd of the week att all, its a torture/dress/up/awesomeness game

farfenwaffle responds:

Actually, it is underdog of the week. That means it got good reviews with crappy score. I do agree that it is under rated though


Deadly, deadly waffles!

farfenwaffle responds:

HUGE deadly waffles


really fun. a lot of choices, good programming, decent art. the only thing i can think of now that needs to be improved/added is a jpg, bmp, gif making thingy, whether it's on a sight or something it would really be nice to not have to use a screen capturer and post it somewhere randomly. there should be a sight or something where there is a gallery of other uzzy thingies and a rating system or something. but i doubt that isn't possible in the future.

Its Veru Funny!!!

For the next Create an Uzzy 2, you can put a coment in a "Uzzy Presentation" for others users, and sometings your Uzzy say, like: "This is my friend Oscar, he is a litttle bit crazy...", That is the coment you leave for the others, and in the image apearce a word in the Uzzy like: "Hi! My name is Oscar".
And Ofcourse, more crazy things to put in your Uzzy.

I hope you got an Idea, Very Good Work, Have Fun!!!!!111


heres something cool if you right click then press play u get the worm kill

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3.20 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2010
4:20 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up