Reviews for "Create an Uzzy"

It's alright :3

It's not exactly amazing or out of this world, but it's still kinda fun none the less.
I took some time to make a little Uzzy of my own x3
It may not be as creative but I thought it'd be funny. Kind of a shout out to Egoraptor. METAL GEAR!

http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b10 7/Inuyasha_Zero/METALGEAR.jpg



farfenwaffle responds:

Some super-cool thing that has two legs and a circle for a body!


It was actually pretty darn good.I like your outfits idea and your originality.And I also liked that part in the beginning where you can change the color of the title screen.It was pretty cool.I would really like some music and sound effects,still.
This is the reason I gave an 8.
But this still get's in my favorites list.
Good work,and looking forward for more!


Not really my cup of tea, but I guess it was alright.

Also, when you do the sword kill there is a wierd floating black dot on the right. Not sure what that is, but you might want to check it...

Good stuff

It was pretty fun making different guys then killing them. you should've made death by waffle more intense. nice work man.