Reviews for "Create an Uzzy"


First look at it and the art kind of looked meh... but after taking a closer look at it, the options for the game and such and what you can do I can say the art looks fine for the game and works well. Love the amount of stuff you can do, and even the cat template you have. Kill mode looks fun too.

farfenwaffle responds:

I know! I need more PAZZAZ in my openings. Like, a whale riding a machine gunning tractor on fire with a bunch of nintendo characters trying to jump on the things head... YOU ARE A GENIOUS!

Nice !

Random mode makes you crate such aweful things... Dunno if I will be able to sleep again.

farfenwaffle responds:

Imagine how I feel! I had to press it thousands of times


heres something cool if you right click then press play u get the worm kill

Its Veru Funny!!!

For the next Create an Uzzy 2, you can put a coment in a "Uzzy Presentation" for others users, and sometings your Uzzy say, like: "This is my friend Oscar, he is a litttle bit crazy...", That is the coment you leave for the others, and in the image apearce a word in the Uzzy like: "Hi! My name is Oscar".
And Ofcourse, more crazy things to put in your Uzzy.

I hope you got an Idea, Very Good Work, Have Fun!!!!!111

A+ great game

played this for like 2 hours