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Bounce the Coffin Dodgers

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There's a fire an old folks home! Help save everyone!

Re-creation of one of my fav wee games, game and watch's Fire!
Use the arrow keys to move left and right to help bounce the people safely to the ambulance from the burning building!

It gets quite tight after a while with alot of close calls!
My best is around 106!

Ye my pre-loader is a little dated!

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Review Request Club

Ahaha, love the opening title screen. Nice friendly graphic, there. :P
One thing I would say is that the yellow text of the instructions were pretty hard to read over the blue sky; they were fine in the title screen as they had a pretty thick black shadow, but not so much in the instructions. Anyway, onwards:

I think the difficulty ramp needs to be tinkered with. I love the fact that they fall at different speeds, that's a great dimension to have taken, but I pretty much got nowhere...fast xD

As always with these kind of games, it's the kind of thing that everyone with any sort of gaming history has played at least 4 times before, so you have a whole lot of wiggle room for development. Going the coffin-dodger route was pretty damn novel and the different falling speeds were good, but would get repetitive...or at least I'd imagine so, if my games lasted any longer than 40 seconds a time xD So maybe adding in different locales, maybe the odd powerup/powerdown or so, like having a larger blanket to bounce off or having a longer distance to travel...or as some people have said, the chance to upgrade in a shop to try and make things easier. You have a lot of scope to do a lot of things, and I think that while this is a solid game, you had a chance to go even crazier than coffin dodgers :P 'Tis a nice bit of addicting fun, though, I'm sure I'll be back once I've finished off a few more reviews. Game and Watch, FTW!

-Review Request Club

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Ah thank for pointing out the menu screen is hard to read, I totally didn't notice that after I lightened the background colour!
Ye the difficulty has been mentioned a few times and I'll definitely tweak it for my next lot of games.

Since a single game and watch game if fairly limited, I wouldn't really want to spend to long pimping only one up. Therefore, i intend to make a wee game involving a few of my favourite titles (thinking this, manhole, chef and that whack a mole one) and try weave them together in a little story mode. Not to sure how you can weave together this to cooking cakes in the kitchen though :p

Hopefully that would solve the ''gets old fast'', ''needs more variety''!

Cheers, J