Bounce the Coffin Dodgers

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There's a fire an old folks home! Help save everyone!

Re-creation of one of my fav wee games, game and watch's Fire!
Use the arrow keys to move left and right to help bounce the people safely to the ambulance from the burning building!

It gets quite tight after a while with alot of close calls!
My best is around 106!

Ye my pre-loader is a little dated!

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Review Request Club

Ahaha, love the opening title screen. Nice friendly graphic, there. :P
One thing I would say is that the yellow text of the instructions were pretty hard to read over the blue sky; they were fine in the title screen as they had a pretty thick black shadow, but not so much in the instructions. Anyway, onwards:

I think the difficulty ramp needs to be tinkered with. I love the fact that they fall at different speeds, that's a great dimension to have taken, but I pretty much got nowhere...fast xD

As always with these kind of games, it's the kind of thing that everyone with any sort of gaming history has played at least 4 times before, so you have a whole lot of wiggle room for development. Going the coffin-dodger route was pretty damn novel and the different falling speeds were good, but would get repetitive...or at least I'd imagine so, if my games lasted any longer than 40 seconds a time xD So maybe adding in different locales, maybe the odd powerup/powerdown or so, like having a larger blanket to bounce off or having a longer distance to travel...or as some people have said, the chance to upgrade in a shop to try and make things easier. You have a lot of scope to do a lot of things, and I think that while this is a solid game, you had a chance to go even crazier than coffin dodgers :P 'Tis a nice bit of addicting fun, though, I'm sure I'll be back once I've finished off a few more reviews. Game and Watch, FTW!

-Review Request Club

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Ah thank for pointing out the menu screen is hard to read, I totally didn't notice that after I lightened the background colour!
Ye the difficulty has been mentioned a few times and I'll definitely tweak it for my next lot of games.

Since a single game and watch game if fairly limited, I wouldn't really want to spend to long pimping only one up. Therefore, i intend to make a wee game involving a few of my favourite titles (thinking this, manhole, chef and that whack a mole one) and try weave them together in a little story mode. Not to sure how you can weave together this to cooking cakes in the kitchen though :p

Hopefully that would solve the ''gets old fast'', ''needs more variety''!

Cheers, J

An Hilarious Romp!

Wow, how far can you take a concept so simple? This far! The graphics have been designed well and while the gamplay is quite simple, there is still more you could do to enhance it.

The music was good and not that annoying, while the sound effects were just perfect for a game of this calibre - funny, but you always get the feeling that you could be doing this for one of your own.

To improve upon the concept, I'd have recommended that you have more grannies and grandpas that go flying through the air and have them equipped with various types of jewellery, that the paramedics in the ambulance can easily purloin - this would be the bonus to your score, thus giving you the chance to get a really high score and possibly even bonus lives (buy your way out of trouble for killing off some of the pensioners, that is)

With the limitation of this game quite steep, perhaps take a step to combat this, by adding levels in various places across the USA, ending in places like California and / or Florida, since lots of wealthy Americans end up there, thus giving even more ridiculous amounts of cash.

[Review Request Club]

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Some of those idea's about how to gain extra lives are genius!

I'm now intending to make a flash that has a series of mini games like this, weaved together in a little story mode - I'll be sure to add in some of these ideas!
Nothing beats ransacking old people!

Cheer, J

Simple concept, but works well

Those kind of games have a very simple concept. But it's enough to keep the player interested for quite some time.

The difficulty increases very suddendly. At first only the grandma is there, which is easy. But once granpa comes into the game it gets too difficult too soon, I think.
Sometimes it's just impossible (or at least I found it impossible) to rescue all of the characters currently on screen so the game was over very quickly for me.

Maybe if you could alter the rate at which the difficulty increases a bit it wouldn't become too difficult all of a sudden.

The music you chose was pretty nice and it fits quite well to the comical look of the game but it got a bit annoying after a while. A mute button would be a very nice thing to have and/or maybe some more tracks to choose from.

{ Review Request Club }

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

yeah tweaking the difficulty was the..most difficult part of this, and it's still not quite right!
Because the timing is slightly off there is a near ni impossible situation every 45-50 points or so! (Whoopsies).

I'll definitely be adding more variety of music/muting in my next projects!

Cheers, J


For a simple concept, this is quiet addictive, and on the whole it's an enjoyable game. It has its positive things and its negative things, although the pros outweigh the cons nicely, so in all this is a good game ^^. I managed to get a 65 as a high score, after like half an hour xD. Persistence FTW.

I was very impressed by your graphics. The background was superb, the characters were drawn really well, and nothing really looked sketchy or out of place, except maybe the fire at the top left. Not saying that it looked bad, because it looked fine, but I think the whole 'OMG the building is on fire' theme would be more effective if you had more fires surrounding the building, instead of one rather weak one at the top left. Instead, maybe, you can make it that the fire gets bigger/more fires are added in different positions around the building as you progress through the game. As for the animation, it was smooth overall, apart from the fact that it lags quite a bit, although it's probably me and my habit of leaving programs open in the taskbar instead of closing them when I'm done. *closes all programs* *plays game* Yeah, it's just me...

What you can do for more variety of animation would be as Fro said, to have more stuff going on in the background, such as birds flying, clouds moving, planes soaring past, etc... By the way, you should add a quick quality choice button while you're playing, typically 'Q'. I must say that the game is really chaotic and fun (not to mention extremely hard) when you have the quality down to lowest, all programs closed and all the processes you can end ended. That's why I think that a quality button would help a lot more instead of having to right click, go to quality, and choose the quality.

As for the concept, it isn't extremely original, but that's not really a big problem. Gameplay on the whole was very good, and I liked the fact that different characters fell at different speeds; it really forced you to multitask and keep your mind on all of the characters and not only 1. So yeah, gameplay was great, but the problem is that the gameplay is so basic...

Fro has some very good ideas, and I agree with him on having levels and a shop in-between. Maybe powerups can fall from the building too and if you get them, something happens, such as a powerup of bird feed where if you grab it birds will cover the screen, pick up every helpless elderly person in the screen currently, and transport him/her to the ambulance, or maybe another powerup which removes one of your casualties. Ideas like these could really spice up your game, adding some more originality and replay value to it. I also really like the idea that Fro suggested about a bit of a background story. Add some funny cutscene at the beginning showing how the fire started (with an option to skip it, obviously), then you're taken to the main menu.

When it comes to the audio, on the whole I was impressed. The song fit really really well with the game, and the sound effects were fine. I was hoping to hear more moans from the old people instead of just a bouncing sound effect, but other than that the sound effects were fine. Maybe you could add more audio options such as a choice of different music (the flash filesize is pretty small, so it won't hurt to make the flash a slight bit bigger), ability to mute the music/sound effects/both, etc...

In general I enjoyed this game. It's very addictive because of its difficulty and gameplay mixed with such a simple concept. In a nutcase, my only issue with this game is that it's too basic; it's as if it does what it's supposed to do (bounce around old folk) and that's it. Spice it up with some animation in the background, more fire animations, powerups, levels, a shop, a cutscene and even some audio options too like mute and a music choice. You have a very good base to build on, and I believe this has a lot of potential, so I think you really should consider upgrading this a little. In all, keep up the excellent work, and good luck on your future flashes.

-Review Request Club-

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

haha yes, the flame does look a lil' piddly! After realising how hard it is to draw fire I figured piddly flame will have to do!
Ye thanks for the idea with toggling quality and sound, I will definitely add it in at some point as well as future projects, can't do no harm being in!


Hm, simple, yet not bad at all.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The animation was great and the graphics were very good for a game like this. I have no complaints about your art work or anything like that. I do think there are some places for improvement though.

I would like to see a little more going on in the background. Instead of stationary clouds you could have the clouds animated and moving in a continuing loop. The sun could be waving back and forth like it was on fire, and there could be animals or other things going on in the background. Not only would this make the game look better, but it would also make it kind of funny. Like everything is going on just fine except for the fire in the front. Maybe instead of animals you could have people standing there taking pictures of the the whole scene and news vehicles.

I do think that only having three different characters would make it boring after awhile. Personally I only got through the first two because I actually found the game to be kind of difficult. Even if you didn't want to add different characters then you could change the dress of the characters around so they aren't all the same.

Like I said, these things will really add to the submission, but the animation and graphics that you have are really good. :)

~ Story/Content ~

I thought the game was hard, but it really wasn't about the game. It was more about how laggy my computer is. That's why I won't take away any points for the gameplay. On top of that my computer has this glitch where it clicks off the game sometimes, which therefor makes it impossible for me to move in the game. It would be nice to have some sort of pausing system set up where the game would pause if the mouse accidentally clicked off of the screen.

I was brainstorming some ways to change this from a simple game into a great game that people will remember. Hopefully you will take some of these ideas into consideration for future games that you create. :)

If you add Levels then you open up an entirely new direction for this game. For example, you can implement a money system where you would generate money depending on how many people you saved. Instead of having lives you could go with the direction of having a goal for each level, which would tie in with the money system really well.

So yeah, with the money you could have a store in between levels. They could by upgrades like bigger net, strength (moves the people higher and further so you have to hit them less times), and some kind of interest upgrade or system where they could get 10 percent more gold of their total at the end of each level or something along those lines.

I think another thing that makes games better is to add a story behind it. Instead of just this place randomly being on fire perhaps you could add a background story to it some way. For example you could have some kids playing with matches and they set it on fire, etc... I'm sure there is something that you could come up with that would be pretty funny and would really add to the overall effect of the game. :)

~ Audio ~

The audio was pretty good all around. You had nice sound effects and the background music was good. I think that something that you could have done is make a couple more sound effects for the old people. Perhaps just some random generic old people moans and mumbles could have added more humor to this game. :) I'll do things like this in the future if you ever need a voice of some sort for a game.

~ Overall ~

The graphics and animation that you had were great, but there was room to add more. There could be some sort of story and a cool store system behind this game if you wanted to make it a little more complex. There could be a couple more sound effects as well.

It's a nice simple game as it is though. Keep up the good work.

~ Review Request Club ~

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Hey thanks a lot for the in depth review!

Ye now that you mention it the background does look a little stale! I did struggle tweaking the difficulty of the game, seems I'm not there yet though! The difficulty ramps up a bit too much I think after the skinny guy pops up. The 3rd guy appears around score 70+. I'll have to tweak the difficulty of me games properly next time :p

In terms of the story and complexity I was really just going for something short and presentable, fun to play for a few minutes so I just kept it as straightforward and simple as possible, but for me next creation I'll definitely look at adding a lot more depth to it!

Cheers, J.

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3.64 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2010
11:34 PM EDT
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