Reviews for "Bounce the Coffin Dodgers"


The game is pretty nice, man, I kind of liked it, it's a great game to play when you have time to play it, I really like this concept, the beginning was pretty easy, but it gets harder after 2 minutes, what is great, so, it challenges the player, it was a nice game, huh...

The art was super cool, very well made, I liked the animation, you made a nice job, because the art gives the special touch of the game. Also, NG has a lot of games like this, but most of them are awful, but you made a nice job here, I really liked it... Congrats.

The game was very fun, I liked it a lot, and i had a good time playing this, it was very funny, too, keep it up man, I like it, and I wanna see more from you...

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SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Thank you very much!, Glad you enjoyed.
I found it quite difficult to balance the difficulty of the game evenly, might need to of made it pick up slightly faster.

Roll on the summer and free time and hopefully I'll have more submission on the way ;)

Cheers, J

Fun game

It was a little slow starting before more old biddies came out of the building although the difficulty increased at that point, fun game.

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Hey thanks, yeah I wasn't to sure on how to tune it as adding 1 extra character increases the difficulty by quite a lot! So I thought to just ease into it at the beginning to warm the player up would be the best bets.

Cheers, J

LCD Screen

This game was already made on the Game and Watch and you didn't improve on it at all. Congrats.

Good job

Was expecting something worse, but looks like I stand wrong.


IT was a good re-make. Everything made in one good style, cute pictures and animation, good easy music. You did well.