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...But there were Cannons

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Warning. This platformer is not for the weak, or the small of stomach. It is difficult to score well in. If the idea of that is foreign to you, I recommend you look elsewhere. Because this gets AS HARD AS NAILS.

Boy, I'm Starving!
What's on the menu, Pops?
And it's up to you to gobble enough on each level to continue in this Hard as nails platformer. Not only that, but you can also challenge your friends to race your ghost data and prove once and for all who is the most awesome gobbler of them all! NOM NOM NOM!

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why cant i play, there is a black screen?

Hanburger heaven

This game really is fun and is addicting fast. And hilarious.

one of my favorite platformers

just the voice and the music made me chuckle along the whole game. my favorite is when he sais "oh,im dead................hello".i love thw weirdness of it.another nice one EXP


The voice is so funny! You'd deserve 10 only if it was for that! Anyway I loved the game, the only problem is that cannot be full screen or at list maximized!

Great game. One bug.

I really enjoyed this game, but there is a bug with the submit score. "Your score must be higher than your previous best to submit" The problem being that I didn't actually notice these buttons 'til I'd gone and A+ them all, and you can't submit, for instance, your tricky or hard scores if the last level you played was an easy one, even if you've never submitted a score before.

And when I tried to submit a score and failed (wouldn't let me type my name in) I couldn't try to resubmit. Unless I beat my previous score. Which is a pain when you've just spent an hour maxxing out your score for every level.