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Reviews for "...But there were Cannons"


I understand that its hard but good concept =)

I'm Sorry.

The jumping was just too broken for me to enjoy it. Sorry.

So many hats...

...littering the ground... testaments to my failure to platform.

Terribly cute and infernally mean.

The sound effects are amazing, the music is fantastic, little hamburglar in particular and the art direction in general is awesome. Charm out the ass.

Jumping is not as precise. It's hard to balance the need to be floaty and the exact timing required to use the bullets as platforms. For 2/3rds of the game I was able to keep up, and the levels were paced really well to keep me engaged, but after a while I checked out at Bounce!

I can respect the difficulty, but it didn't keep me engaged beyond the point where I felt I was fighting the physics, not the gameplay. Still, pretty awesome.

great game

would have been an exellent game but it was too hard.
had to do all those hard levels nad didn't get any medals or achievments.

I found it fun..

Even though I failed at it >.<