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Reviews for "...But there were Cannons"

holle crap

good game man

Wierd, but ok :)

This is a wierd game to play, how someone...or something...has such appetite for so many hamburgers...and he has to pass through obsticles?!! Haha, yeah.
The contoling of this game is kinda hard, and the obstacles may be a pain. But then again, I like how the what the thing keeps saying after he dies.

Overall, this is a good game, and it's nice to see this win 5th in the Daily Winner.
3/5 & 8/10

(ps: not bad on the artwork, Nqkoi1)


I love it i can play forever if i whant to..

Ummm, it's alright but...

Where was the puking I saw in the link pic? I was wondering if there was a level where there was more than 100% burgers and he overloads.

good game

IT ig AGood game i could play fro awilhe but is hard to navigate.