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the Hermit

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yeeeah this finally is complete!

Started this project ages ago and only recently decided to dig it out and finish. Took me ages to complete and might deserve a few tweaks... especially some audio effects and animations.

Many thanks to ppl who've supported me, especially Lemonshaman for being a total pain in the arse and bringing me back to work when I wanted to quit. Cheers dude

Anyway, I hope you enjoy solving the little puzzles!

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Some well-made puzzles. Just enough information to get you through, but not so much that it's a breeze. Soundtrack was very pleasant - didn't mind the loop at all.

As others have noted, it's a bit buggy, and the ending text is cut off in places. Didn't quite get the story, but you can put together your own post-apocalyptic scenario and not miss out on the point of the game.

For anyone stuck on the last puzzle, it helped when I realized that the green wire and the teal wire were different, and that not everything has to be permanently plugged.

Fun game - you should continue making puzzlers!

Good, challenging game...

I liked it. I liked the strategy puzzles, the graphics the sounds, everything was great.

Looks great, but I think I broke it...

First I have to say, I really like your game's style and theme. It actually reminds me a lot of my own games, both in theme and content (I'm the creator of the core series of escape/adventure games).

-I like that all your puzzles are logic based. That definitely gets a big thumbs up from me. I really like puzzles that don't need any explanation other than just a bit of trial and error until you figure them out.

-Music and art are all really nice. Your character design and backdrops all add to the whole thing.

-Your music choice is also great.

Now for the bad:

-Whilst your puzzles are all logic based, some of them need a "little" more user feedback - ie it helps the player to see when they are heading in the right direction when working the puzzle out, rather than being left in the dark until they finally solve it.
Your generator puzzle was probably the best, because the player could see exactly what each push of the button did, and after a bit of trial and error, they could finally get a solution.
Wiring puzzle at the end had to be the worst, but I will come back to that later.

-Towards the end of the game, it felt a little rushed. Bits of text being cut off on the edge of the screen, graphics a little less tidy etc.

-The wiring puzzle... ok, I'm really not sure what that one is all about. So first you have to figure out that clicking on a wire, then clicking on a socket will connect the two. Then after about 10 minutes of head scratching, by accident I find that I can connect multiple wires to 1 socket by clicking on each colour, then on the socket they are meant to go into. The problem is that there is no indication of which wires you have currently selected.
It each wire that you had selected would glow, that would at least be an indication that something was happening.
However I couldn't work out the solution to the puzzle. Everything goes well until you realise you only have 1 red wire, but 2 sockets seem to want red.
Well, after randomly clicking, suddenly it appeared that I had solved the puzzle (no idea what I did, it didn't look very solved to me).
On pressing the red button, I got a very buggy looking end sequence, where words were half masked rendering them unreadable, the animation kept flicking back to the button inside the train, whilst a missile hovered in mid air.
It didn't feel like a proper end to me, and I am guessing that what I saw was unintentional.

Anyway, giving you 6/10 and 3/5. I enjoyed the game, but it feels a bit untested and buggy, you should really at least get a few friends to playtest it for you through to the end, to iron out these few glitches. Still, looking forwards to seeing more from you, keep up the good work.

tap5y responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time and writing such a detailed review. I'll look into the bugs once I have some spare time.

Thanks anyway!!!

I found a glitch

in the generator puzzle, it glitches when i do this to solve it (or rather try to solve it).

All the lights are turned off. I push both green buttons (so the left side is filled up, and the right side is filled up)

I push the Right blue button to select that stack and then push the middle blue button to send it to the middle. I then select the left blue button to select that stack, then push middle button to send it to the middle.

This makes the left stack have 2 lights, middle stack have 5 lights, and right stack have 0 lights.

I then push the middle blue button to select that stack, then push the right blue button to send the stack there.

This makes the lights go 2, 2, 3. this is where the glitch happens.

I try to solve the puzzle by click right blue button to select that stack, then sending them over to the left stack by clicking the left blue button. Theoretically it should only send 2, (thats all that can fit), which would cause me to solve the puzzle with 4 in the left, 2 in the middle, and 1 in the right. But it doesnt send it.

I even tried pushing the left blue button first, then the right button (thinking i was screwing up the order). but this also glitches and causes 1 extra light to appear on the left stack. Making a total of 8 lights appear when i only started with 7.

short game, but nice. The text at the end didnt fit the screen right. it was cut off. Like u said, needs a few tweaks, but nice. Definitely needs to be longer though.

(I did beat the generator by finding a walk through that did it a different way, but i dont know why my way couldnt work).

JUst a story telling trick

When you're animating a story where the main character's face is hidden you need to exaggerate his other movements to show emotion. LIke when he says the it looks like the cave is about to fall in make him look up then, as an example, make him immediately jump to his feet in panic. Things like that will draw people that listen to the story into the game more. Just a friendly suggestion.