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This trailer although it still shows scenes that will take place in the series, none of these animations will be used. I've revamped it to look "television quality" and plan on releasing it *hopefully* by the end of the year 2011!!


Cornhole Express

A HIDDEN PORTAL...TO ANOTHER WORLD. That's such an overplayed premise. Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Coraline, and Being John Malcovich in some aspects. But seriously, if you're going to pick a cliched idea like this one, you need to completely reinvent the idea. And judging from what I've seen, you haven't. And this alternate world seems so bland. A enchanting place where bears wear suits? Why is that interesting? Just for being random? I know you're using the, "we left the good stuff out of the trailer" routine but man, you don't have much going on in this at all. And by the way, what happened to Beast Snacks? I thought there was another episode coming out. This Cornhole Express series is a little too similiar in terms of setting too. But I'll still check out the first episode...

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tacobuttfish responds:

Well, there is a Mark of the Beast Snacks 4 coming, with as much time is consumed with only 2 guys to take the hit, and working full-time on top of everything else, it could take some time, as far as this series goes, it's nothing like the excellent films you mentioned. As far as the world being bland, just trust me, what you've seen here is not a good indication at all of the "world" As a matter of fact me even saying what I just said makes no sense at all, having knowing the actual plot. I understand if people do not enjoy or like the trailer, but please do not judge our series on a 60 second trailer with a mere 23 seconds of animation. I'm animating on top of storyboards and we threw this together mainly to show A.) We've got a new series coming B.) To help establish the main character's name (It's Toasty by the way) and C.) To show the bit of almost finished animation we had to see if the ever so rough Newgrounds crowd would approve. Doing frame by frame animation takes so much time and to just launch something as epic as we'll be doing next month, we wanted to test the waters as much as we could without ruining all the creativity we've slaved over for the past 3 years.

Oh and by the way, you called it Cornhole Express which is hilarious.

We're glad you're going to check out the first episode, and I think you'll be surprised at your assumptions gone wrong.

-Taco Buttfish.


Its a bit Iffy.The idea it self is kinda've over written of an idea used rapidly.ITs a rapid item used in the same ole same ole story.The pick of him standibg beside a kngiht and a evil tree is a bit confusing.there is no voice to tell or lead up to anything,it doens't make me wan't to watch it.........

tacobuttfish responds:

The way we're telling the story is different, and the picture included in the preloader will make sense in time.

-Taco Buttfish.

Corn dog?

If i had to make my mind only by what i have seen, i personnally wouldnt follow the series. I mean, the animation is quite average, the character look fairly correct and the idea could be as good as bad.

I based the score on what it might become, since its only a trailer. But trailer are suppose to reflect the final product or at least surpass it so people gain interest in the concept. And from what i have seen, i am not really interested. Il maybe come back if i stumble on it and it turns out to be good, as for now, i am out.

Coral... Corn Dog.

Alright, gateway to a magic land, not a terribly new idea. In fact, it's been done repeatedly. BUT, until I see episode one, you get the benefit of the doubt. As it stands, the trailer doesn't really MAKE me want to see your new show. Average production, average rating.

A 3, out of 5.

tacobuttfish responds:

Hah hah, Seriously, it really is nothing like Coraline, as a matter of fact, had the thought even crossed my mind, I wouldn't have presented it as I have in this trailer! But we did intrigue you so I hope you'll give us a chance when it launches and check it out, it is a much deeper plot than it appears, as we really had to hold the big guns for the trailer. But thanks for watching and I couldn't agree more with your review considering all you know is what you've seen so far. So see you next month so we can raise that score!

-Taco Buttfish.


I'm not quite sure what to think of it. It doesn't grab me and want to make me watch it just kind of there. Its not great but it's still good.

tacobuttfish responds:

Well, maybe we can grab you and pull you in upon the release of the full-length. We're really giving it our all, and I think it will show in the end. Hope to see a new review from you and hear your opinion next month when we launch the first episode!

-Taco Buttfish.

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Jul 17, 2009
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