Sonic Boom Cannon 2!

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Well here it is. My last year and a bit in a 10 meg SWF file. Yes this has been in production for well over a year and I'm proud to finally release my Sonic Boom Cannon 2! Warning, its pretty computer intensive so it probably requires medium to low quality.

It features 5 times more content than the original game. There's over 50 characters to unlock (52 to be exact). There is also 5 farley large minigames to unlock such as a full pinball adventure game and a 2 player battle game.

Main game goal - fire your sonic furry down the stage to gain distance. The more distance you achieve the higher amount of rings you will be rewarded. Use the rings to unlock more characters and store items. The more characters you have unlocked, the more rings you will be rewarded at the end of each shot. In a sense, the game gets easier the more you play.

The store releases one new item a day. Most of the items are keys to unlock certain characters while other items provide more game content and functionality. Come back every day to unlock them all! (or cheat if you can figure out how (its simple really (really really simple) ) )

Controls :
up/down - adjust your angle
Hold right - power up
space - FIRE!
Hold Z - abort the current run
X - turn off the sound effects
M - skip the current song

This game may require a fair bit of playing. I don't regret that, it's designed to be played slowly everyday. There should be medals soon (I hope) I requested them nearly a month ago.... I guess I'll add them when the automated system comes out. Until then I hope everyone enjoys this game. I am very proud of what I have accomplished here. I would like to thank all my beta testers / friends / random fans that kept me going over the last year.

Special acknowledgements
Main beta tester / in game artist :
http://misao-chan.deviant art.com/
(she accepts commissions :3)

Main support forum :
http://z8.invisionfree.co m/Mobius_X/
Go talk about this game or anything sonic / megaman / random related.

Thankyou everyone for your support! I look forward to reading your submitted scores and comments. Next up, I'm working on a Zelda based game. Zelda Majora's Mask - The Shatter mask (ZMMSM for short haha) it's a story line intensive and very expansive game. This may take a while. Till then, enjoy my other releases!

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I like this game but the Submit page is broken

too many empty fields, why it's booooooriiiiing

yes. okay, as a man of big brain cells, I can say that the game controls pretty well and that the roster is quite swole. The over all sprite work is a plus, even if most or none is original. The hitboxes on some of the springs or TV monitors can be a bit off occasionally. but over all pretty well made. my overall complaint is that in Rouge's description it seems you've labelled her as "sexy" and had no pinch of sarcasm or anything. that is weird. I don't like that. furry. *dabs.*

but no, great job. points taken off for bestiality.

This feels like a mobile game, and actually one I'd easily get addicted to. For the right reasons!
+Toss The Turtle-esque mechanics, with a great deal more variety.
-Camera doesn't follow you vertically. Like, at all.
+Plenty of things to buy and unlock to keep you playing
-No way to dictate what's buyable in the shop at a time, and only one item on sale. It would take way too long to complete this, hence why I think it'd be better as a mobile IOS game, with notifications so you don't forget, and an entire Newgrounds page to load up when you want to see if you can buy that damn fourth Chaos Emerald.

Overall, though, this game was a blast (No pun intended), so I have to give my kudos. Whatever they're worth.

I'm a personal fan of the original, but I thought this one was very good as well. I figured out a cheat to assign all directional keys to one controller button in order to fly for a much longer period of time. Overall the only thing I wish it had was some more lighthearted music, a submission system that still worked, and an ability to re-shoot using a button instead of clicking with the mouse because I like playing with a controller. Good job! I am still waiting for a SBC3 ;)

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4.46 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2009
3:23 PM EDT
Skill - Toss