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BO: The Secret of Steel

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-Small update added (2010-01-21), adding a few bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. For instance, you can now drop enemies that you have picked up by pressing the down key.
-If you fall through the level and die after clearing a stage, you could try lowering the quality and/or turning off the camera effects in the options menu.
-It appears we should point out that ALL THE BOSSES ARE IN FACT BEATABLE. Each has a certain pattern that needs to discovered, that's all. If it doesn't always make perfect sense, sue us :)
-Finishing all 19 levels unlocks the Barbarian Stronghold survival level, where you must hold off the hordes for as long as you can.
-Again, thanks for the great reviews, frontpage and collection!

A young barbarian sets out on a quest to find the legendary Secret of Steel...

This sequel took nearly a year(!) to finish and contains more enemies, 19 levels, boss fights, complex combat and physics engines, geographical puzzle solving, an epic musical score and an intriguing storyline.

To all the fans who supported this game, big thanks! We really got a kick out of the reception the demo got. And many thanks to hzlancer for his masterpiece of a soundtrack.


Good game

Really fun (and aggravating) game to play. Not many games can boast making you want to play a level again and again, even when you get your ass handed to you each time.

Do have some complaints, though: every now and then, it would seem like an enemy would stop responding to being smacked by my sword. The second this happened, it could fight back, which would leave me rather helpless to the instant flurry of attacks that would come from the mass of enemies I was fighting.

While the single button attack style was neat, there were many times that while spamming the hell out of my spacebar, a strong attack would occur, or a fast attack would occur even if I was going for a strong attack (and the final boss made this obvious to me, when I would try to start a contest and instead do a fast attack and discover yet another nuance of pain).

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Great Game, the music , and camera effect were great for adding a good atmosphere. The controls were great, I like how timming played such a big part in combat, the exicutions were really entertaining. Im also glad there was no upgrade system, most people always recommend that in reviews, I just don't think it would fit in this game, It wouldn't be very Barbarian like to be upgrading and what not.
Maybe if you were to make another one you could make other things for throwing like spears, or rocks or just body parts.

Thnx for the great game

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Dude this game is fun,intresting,awesome!.....awesome! hahaha nice game...i hope i get up more of this games


This was a fun game. I completed it, and boy did I have some trouble fighting all those bosses, but it was fun trying to solve how they can be defeated. I was disappointed by the ending though. By disappointing, I mean it was a good ending, but you just have to say "Awww" for the barbarian in the end ha ha.


i like when you stab him in the chest

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