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Reviews for "BO: The Secret of Steel"

Poor guy he didnt even find it XD

Dude, are you serious? Where are my upgrades? The post said that there will be upgrades down there, instead I got nothing!? What is this supposed to mean? A bug?

Really, awesome flash game. Been playing this game since 6 years ago, had lots fun watching my friends play this, hoped there was something similar but in PvP style, and customizable weapons.

4.5 stars due dying out of no where, i keep falling through the ground, Gurt should also make this game downloaded like the SUPERFIGHTERS games. But over all great game!

Great game! Lots of content, a real test of skill. Graphics are great, animations are smooth. Gameplay is awesome. Really fun. Basically, really good game! I have heard a few people talking about a glitch where the screen goes black with a metal thing at the top and then you cant get back... you can, you just have to press escape. Save data is not deleted, although it will be for that level. Bare in mind if it is a boss level, you can go straight to the boss fight.

Good game i like to play smoked ^^