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Reviews for "BO: The Secret of Steel"


i say no more.

This is freakin' EPIC...

I have not played a game this cool in AGES. I'm REALLY surprised this isn't on the XBOX Live Virtual Arcade or something. It should be. It's that brilliant. The fact that it was simple and brutal, but also had a neat physics engine allowed for some pretty amazing gameplay, and I also had some really quirky things happen, but it made for an even more satisfying experience. And the art and animation were stylized and original and I enjoyed them thoroughly. And the bosses were wonderful. Each of them had a special trick to them, and you had to devise a strategy and fight them perfectly. So neat. And I even liked the level names. Some of them were kind of ridiculous, like they were making fun of the epic fantasy genre, and it cracked me up. Another thing that was amazing was the comprehensive help guide that you could access from the map. The fact that 'Staggered' 'Knockdown' and 'Stunned' were sort of status ailments was an extremely interesting concept that I rather liked.

Suggestions and Criticisms:
1. I'm really glad there was no combo system between the weak and strong attacks. It actually made me feel like I was playing a brutish, gritty barbarian and not some highly refined sword artist. BUT (and here's a BIG 'but'), when using quick attacks, you can't transition smoothly into strong attacks. This makes for some pretty sticky controls, and you have to wait a split second after tapping the space bar before you can hold it for a strong attack, otherwise, if you hold it too soon, he won't attack at all, and he'll stand there like an idiot and get blasted in the face. Conversely, if you wait that split second before executing the strong attack, you'll get blasted in the face anyway because that split second happens to be very important in combat.

2. Again, simple controls, brilliant idea. But it would've been nice to have one extra button for grabs. It's too hard to grab an enemy up by walking into them if you're being mobbed. Most times I grabbed an enemy in the game, it was purely by accident. This resulted in me feeling like the control was slightly out of my hands at times. And when you're a hulking barbarian visage, you should have COMPLETE CONTROL :P

3. A suggestion for "Rage". When your rage bar is full, it would have been a great addition to be able to use it in more than one way. I like the fact that you can do an insta-kill on an enemy with it, but it would've been good to have the option to use it in maybe...An area-of-effect attack that would push back the hordes while doing a small amount of damage to them all. Or maybe being able to unleash it in a jump attack by holding the space bar before you land, sending enemies flying, or just splitting the one you land on right in half. And also, during Rage mode, it would be cool to have a slight damage reduction so it's more like you're an unstoppable berserker.

Criticism aside, this was a great game. As solid as its main character :) I'm giving it a 10 out of 10, but I really wish I could give it more than that. And a vote of 5 out of 5. Fantastic job. And if you made a revised edition of this game, or even another installment, PLEASE consider my suggestions. This is the longest review I've ever given. Of anything. Sorry about that ;)

it was great

a very addicting game, but the end seemed kinda lame to me, you could have done more than that

great but how do i hurt the princes!

i just dont get it..but great game

I love it all!

amazing game. It's inspiring, and incredibly fun to play. You guys did an amazing job on every bit of this game. Love the artwork! Kudos to you all!