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Reviews for "BO: The Secret of Steel"

Great Game!

Really have no complaints: fun gameplay, good animation, just great. Havesnt beat the Dam(n) Keeper, but you don't have to to appreciate the genius of this flash. Keep it up!

One of the best

This game is one of the best games i have played in newgrounds all its grafich nice enemis good gameplay sweet music everything in this game is perfect you guys should get more respected by newgroudns you guys need to get a daily first and weekly choice 1 well anyways everything in this game is perfect and kind of reminds me of castle crashers

WhAtArEyOuSoMeKiNdOfTaLkInGdoG? <lol

awessome game!


This game is friggin amazin...but i'm stuck on the swamp monster thing...any help?

It's now 2 AM...

Fuck you. Fuck your game. It's two o'clock in the morning... after trying to beat Necrodeath the Stupidfuck for two hours. Your game's last level (I hope to god it is) needs some serious toning down. I think I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to beat it. Inevitably, the enemies clump together with so many on the screen, and if you're even knocked down, you're taking forty hits before you get out of range.

I'm amazed this game only controls with three arrow buttons and a spacebar. Unfortunately, I now have to go deal with an ulcer from your last level.

tl;dr - I love your game... but fuck you and fuck Necrodeath!