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Reviews for "BO: The Secret of Steel"

best game ever

how do you beat the first boss?!?!?!?!?!? D:<

Great game but how do I defeat the witch?

The game has been broken since months ago!!!
You start the level and on the first jump you have to make you either go back to the beggining or fall back in the hole!
And the map has several problems once you get back to it!
Can you please fix it?The game was great without these terrible bugs!!!

Decent game, with good graphics, and great physics, and randomness of the barrel spawning, but the last boss, and the witch boss (along with the throwing glitch and the few times the game didn't respond to my jump input, rather ignoring it and jumping the other direction and shorter than usual) loses you a star. If he's a "clone", why can't i do his little unblockable jump/stun move? Never,EVER give them a move they can spam. For gods sake, it's like playing MK online. Last straw was when he use that move, and only that move, to kill me. I got hit with it at the beginning of writing this review...yep, still stunned. Also,timing is so difficult in this game as it encourages button mashing my poor spacebar, yet you built an entire boss around being damaged by timed swings. It's a luck boss that abuses push and just throws you into the fire.