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Just Like That

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READ THIS: The movie is loading at start, give it some time and the play button will pop up pretty soon.
NOTE: Some of the special effects in this flash were left out to make the swf-file less laggy.
IMPORTANT: This is a music video, please turn up your speakers or the volume on your headset.

This all started when a guy at my age with long blonde hair came up to me in a sleeping hall. I was at the UKM final, an event where young people from Norway can showcase their cultural talents. His name was Mathias Stubø, and he told me that he had seen my music video for Jazzanova's song "L.O.V.E. and You & I" (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/384843) and that he made music of his own. He liked the video and wanted me to animate another video for one of his songs, for money. I accepted the offer, as you most probably understood by now.

Later I found out that his music was pretty darn awesome and that I wanted to make a movie for one of his songs, one called "Just Like That". A year has gone since then, and I've made the film.

ANIMATION: Markus Vad Flaaten

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This is like having a real awesome dream n shit...sickkkkk


smart guy

fuckin great

the fuckin music kicked major ass animation was great keep it up

And Just like that!

The animation was smooth and great except for a few brief moments.

But overall this was a piece of pure jazz, funk, and junk! (jazz+funk) lolz.

The direction of the animation was unstructured yet intentionally sweet.

I do appreciate quirky music videos that focus on the beats in conjunction with the animation.

It's oh so fun to watch.

What an amazing soundtrack!!!

It sounds like a song we would probably hear in a new earthbound game. ^_^