Reviews for "Just Like That"

Just pure epic!

Great music, great animation and just GREAT!

110% epicness!

MarcyVF responds:

:D 110%, that's awesome. Thanks!


Great music, the audio portal is right over there :p!

Good flash, I got the idea which is all you needed to do :).

MarcyVF responds:

Haha... I don't think he wants to submit it to the AP though... It allows everyone use it for whatever they like to submit to NG.

nice work

pretty funny and good technique....!


I really like how you give out quality animeyshuns at a superfast rate like this. Also, this kind of films put the "Flash" back into flashanimations. Your stuff really feels like a short and fun to watch animation shoulf feel. Yo.


Again, you just keep churning out these great flashes! Good job on getting to do a music video. I hope your animation takes you far :D Really smooth animation and some great lighting effects in there too :D