Reviews for "Just Like That"


i would kick down a door if i had no arms too

Nice :)

I definitely like it. Interesting melody with unusual concept.
Pretty cool.

Is it me or does the main character seem kinda braindead :P


Slightly confused on the plot in the beginning probably because you switched from in between the scenes too much. Cool transitions with the space ships, lovin' the facial expressions on the characters faces-not many animators will do that, killer space drawings-did you draw all of that?

Good music-fits more within the city, I don't think I could compare it to space. It would be good music to anybody driving a red or white convertible on a sunny day. Music is really good. 9/10.

Well.... it was alright....

If alright stands for:
Awesomely Landed Radical Intense ...... Freaken Amazing movie
What I'm trying to say before I make it to complected, is it is good.
Indeed it was.....


Well what can I say...awesome.