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PICONJO resurrection

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review please

one of the greatest NG mascots on newground plastered on an epic series, and he is kicking more ass than evea

this is dedicated to the late piconjo R.I.P.

the "chief' is voiced by fatkidwitajetpak

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i like piconjo

Utter Crap

This was a piece of shit video.
The animation was like a 13 year old did this.
The fighting scene was TERRIBLE. I don't even understand how ANYONE could enjoy this or even appreciate this at all, for as a matter a fact, give it a rating.
None of the funny parts were even remotely funny.
And how the fuck did he know how to fucking talk and use a gun if he was in there for fucking ALL HIS LIFE!?

This video deserves a 0/5

And im sorry that I have an opinion.

Khris responds:

we should be friends ^-^

South park

I fell like i just watched south park.
-bad animation
-bad sound
-And its funny for the bad reasons!


Sir, I would have to disagree with you in a reply you made. While Piconjo does die at an early age (as I call it), he most certainly NOT a misfit. *sighs* Besides, he's one of the most famous Flash Character out there! Even more famous than Pico (hard to believe)! But other than that, now to the flash. It was very good!