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Reviews for "PICONJO resurrection"


cool and when are you making the 2nd one

Khris responds:

next year...muahahaha

and he finally makes his reappearance

i'm glad i prepared for this day. things are gonna get messy from now on.

Khris responds:

oh yes...their will be blood

Piconjo still <3s j00 ^_^

Oh how long has it been since i seen a Piconjo flash let alone an elite one such as this with the solid animation and it's quick framerate plus the voice acting was fantastic so kudos goes to you for that FatKidWitAJetPak (hilarous username too),i was glad that this flash lasted a long time with it's length too and overall i really enjoyed it plus the fact that a Piconjo hasn't been made in so long it was long overdue that somebody made one and it's even better that it was made on Pico Day,excellent job. =)

Khris responds:

thanks, another episode will come out................next....year

nice VA pick

who else but fat kid right?

Khris responds:

like i said...he's great


needless to say it was uniqie and great :) so yeah it has its funny moments too .. sometimes even "wow"! moments :)