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Reviews for "PICONJO resurrection"

piconjo review

--good side--
+ for fans a interresting storyline
+ the chief soundes really good
+ humor is pretty good
+ piconjo looks cool

--bad side--
- soldiers and piconjo didnt sound clear
- details are not good (example: the guards look good but not great and on their armor is writing NG looks terrible)
- fight scene's are slow and lame

it was a good movie not great but a interresting storyline for fans. with some things better next time i think it will be awesome.and maybe you can do the figthing scene in a other style not like madness or you must make the fighting scene better next time. in overall it was a cool movie i hope you continue on making this serie and making it better


To the animator: I see some decent effort in this, but like others said, it kinda resembles madness. The fight scenes were kinda slow making the guards seem a bit stupid since they just seem to be standing there, however since the story was excellent, and the humor was ok, I'll give you a decent score.

To Fatkidwithajetpack: You did pretty well making a slightly unique voice for all the characters, but there was one or two moments where the guards sounded exactly alike to one another. Might wanna improve on that if your aiming for the top.

fake madness

this looked like madness combat still good though i give it a 8

pretty good

i see you tried to get it in before pico day kinda rushed to me
i give it a 7/10


Good movie you two.

</useless review>