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I Love Traffic

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I am a cursed human being. When I drive my car I end up hitting a large majority of traffic lights and end up waiting a long time. One day while waiting at an intersection, I pondered, "Can I make a better traffic light?" Given the compexity of such a task, I instead wondered if I could time the intersections differently to let more cars in. That's how I arrived at this game.

Control the lights. Get the required number through each level to move on. Levels get harder, traffic gets fuller... get ready for some major gridlock!

Developed by Armor Games, Programming by jmtb02
Music by Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech

Mouse to control lights

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I.... really hate traffic...xd
But the game is awesome :P
I can make a lot of accidents without trooble :P <3

Pretty funny, though more of a skill game than a puzzle game.

Fun lil game

And here was a fun little game it can be addictive but this game needs more the traffic of it all is fun but I feel it needs more like more exciting stuff going on have things come at you more and be prepared for it. It's a fun game though it's not bad at all I kinda like it

Have more stuff go on in this game more action


Good game, but I did not enjoy this.

I was hoping you would get to cause accidents... Its pretty boring to just move traffic normally.

what about i hate traffic on newgrounds its on your website but now this one