DBZ ADP Part 2.2 Prieview

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Freak_Of_Nature for the piccolo sprite sheet.
Finally, I finally came round to making it, I know, I know, its not much, but hey what can I say its only a prieview.
I really wanted to make it alot longer but one day I had an idea, an idea that could make the series 10 times better. whilst I tried to work towards this new goal I found myself spending less time on DBZ ADP.
it ended up getting to the stage where I said, I might aswell just cut it short, and call this a prieview.
Also, dont expect the full version for a little while, though I will try to keep you all up-dated through my new newgrounds account (Kenkeichii), doing so, dosent necessarily mean, I will abandon this one, well enough of my nonsense talk, enjoy the movie.

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Dude, I wish I knew you so I could love your work, and show you my stuff.


Nice, this was pretty good. Won't critique it since everyone else has covered that already. Can't wait to see the full ep.

Keep up the good work.


I like it alot keeps me entertained.

Pretty nice

This was pretty good, especially since you were using LSW sprites. I use to use those myself but someone recommended that I use different ones and my scores boosted, so I don't use those anymore. This seems like it's going to be great...can't wait for the full version.

~Merry Christmas

I gave this submission a vote of "4"

Not bad but,

- Learn how to spell: PREVIEW
- Try not to copy too much ideas from SMBZ
- Create a simple menu screen layout. It was difficult for me to find the "play" button.

Good luck completing the flash.

Kio-Xion responds:

/-Learn how tp spell : PREVIEW
Lols thanks, I have no idea why I spelled it like that.

/-Try not to use to many ideas from SMBZ
I do try but remember, SMBZ is based on DBZ and my story IS DBZ just with a few modifications.

/-Create a simple menue screen layout. It was difficult for me to find the "play" button.
Will do.

/-Good luck completing the flash
Thanks man.

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4.39 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2008
9:16 PM EST