Reviews for "DBZ ADP Part 2.2 Prieview"


there were a couple of spelling errors at the beginning and it was a little fast. i didn't have enough time to read all of the preview section. outside of that. it was an awesome animation. i was sad it ended so abruptly. i was hoping to see picollo hit android 19 with his beam cannon at the end. can't wait to see your next submission.

Awesome Sauce!

Normally I don't really care for sprite movies, but I really enjoyed this.

Can't wait for the rest of it! 5/5, 9/10

Its ok

ive seen all of them ne its a good story line but there is one thing that bothers me its the teyp of sprits you used there may be better ones out there so have a look.

Kio-Xion responds:

Thanks, though there are many reasons why I use DBZ Legendary super warrios.
Firstly : The first time I saw these sprites in action I fell in love with them, but however, wherever I went I couldnt find much LSW movies to learn from, all the ones I have seen on youtube are crap, and look like they where made in WMM.
So not only do I want my movies to be a sounce of learning for new LSW users but I also want to give LSW sprites a good name.
Secondly : There was a point where I wanted to quit LSW sprites and use other DBZ sprites for the series, I looked, and looked, I saw some pretty decent sprites. But none of them had all the characters I wanted and needed for the series.