Merry Ricksmas 2

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PLEASE READ before voting or reviewing

**i changed these comments, they are not like they were before**

ok the opening guitar music is me, and the ending song is Crucify the King by Iced Earth.

this submission features some bad quality voice acting, and i immitate the members of Iced Earth very poorly. also, there are many missing sounds that i could not find by my self-deadline, so that will be updated in the next week or so.

i will be adding music to the backgrounds of many scenes in this cartoon, so hang in there with me. vote based on what i have here and please be reasonable. so far so good, keep it comin!!!

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and i didn't just write this because i owe you....

was this all done with a mouse? if so, then you do deserve some extra credit. The only animation i've ever had to do with a mouse is stick figures, so i have to assume this whole movie took an especially long time.

on the plus side, there were some genuinely funny parts to this movie that made me chuckle. (the part where Grinch-laden sewed his hands to the fabric for example). and the animation wasn't too bad considering the tools you had to work with. so nice job on that

the movie could have benefited from some background music though. it needed more than just some music at the end. you'd be surprised how some ambient background noise (or music) adds to the movie. it makes it sound more finished.

also, the voice quality was kind of low, but I can understand that entirely because it is extremely difficult to change the pitch of your voice without altering the speed. I had a hell of a time doing that for my elf in my flash. (I ended up using 3 different programs to work on the same audio file)

So good job. I didn't give you this score because just because you did me a favor... but I did give you a 5/5 for that reason :-)

smirkstudios responds:

thanks a lot bro :P let me clear some stuff up for you. i didnt use a mouse, but i did use the pencil tool the whole time which proved to be much sloppier of a tool thank i expected. my future toons will feature my skills with the paintbrush tool which is much better i must say. the low quality drawing in this is a result of not much perfection or time spent on the animation.

also, as far as the sounds, i just got a huge sound pack file of like 300 awesome sounds at pretty good quality, and i will be using sirjeffofshort 's voice talents in my next cartoon, which you can read about in my news page. thanks for the review bro, and thanks for the 5!!! i dont deserve it :P (personally i would have rated this at a 7/10 and 3/5)


Nice animation., good sense of humour, and nice idea of turbi-gami LOL

smirkstudios responds:

thank you very much. this is a big step for me, and all my toons after this one will definately be better quality and easier with the knowledge i got from making this one. thanks for the 10!


nice animation, could work on the sound though, but u can tell u have talent. ^.^

smirkstudios responds:

thank you very much. i am working on the sounds this week, so it will be more comlete and feel a lot better.

Nice work.

This was a nice piece. Funny too.

Keep it up :P


smirkstudios responds:

thanks bro. in my opinion i should have waited until i was done, but then again, the feedback and support was incredible. it opened new doors for me :D

Great short.

As promised, here is my review... This is a very quality short and it really shows you have talent in animation, from the use of well placed camera angles to the overall smooth flow of action.

The story and premise itself was good. It was a fun and new take on the tried and true "guy-X saves Christmas" storyline with some good pop culture (the grinch) and social references mixed in.

As you mentioned, the voice acting could use work, but all in all it wasn't terrible. The acting itself was actually alright, but moreso the recording quality leaves something to be desired. This did prove to be a factor, but not so much so that it ruined the overall short.

As far as artwork go, you show a good knowledge of perspective, proportion, and flow as well as excelent color and shading ability. I personally am not a fan of using such thin line art, but that may be in part because the thinner your line the more glaring any minor misstep in your art will show.

Again, this was a great short, and it showed that you are definitely a person to keep an eye on for more content in the future.

smirkstudios responds:

wow, thanks a lot bro. it means a lot to me that an award wining animator would review my stuff, so thanks again. i would love to collab with you some day, like maybe do some backgrounds for you or something, so let me know and i'll put together some quality stuff for you, ok bro? thanks dude!

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4.48 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
8:35 PM EST
Comedy - Original