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Reviews for "Merry Ricksmas 2"

Pretty good.

Not bad. The artwork is pretty good, and so is the story. I laughed when Grinch-Laden announced himself. Funny stuff. The only thing I could've asked for to make it better is some background music to set the tone during the different scenes in the animation. You had the music at the beginning and the end, but in the middle it felt a little empty.

Good job!

smirkstudios responds:

good thinking, i will get right on that. much appreciated, thanks for the 8!!!

Hahahha grinchladen

Nice graffitti lettering in the openning, the drawings were simple but the comedy more than makes up for it. This was a great flash, and it really had me cracking up

smirkstudios responds:

thanks bro, i shoulda spent more time, but i was so anxious to release it!!!


Just has a bit of a lack of sounds and music, but its awesome! I dont mind the drawings overall its aweosme and funny! Lol Binch Laden... :P

smirkstudios responds:

lol thanks bro :P just in case you dont know, is name is Turaq GrinchLaden :P thanks for the 10 :D

not bad

A little bit on the long and tedious side, but I liked the animation. Overall not bad.

smirkstudios responds:

you gave me a D minus!!! lol jk i like a good variety of reviews, and your words were kind. maybe next time you could offer better advice tho. thanks again, and i really dont mind the 6 :D i was just messin :P

The Rockin' Elf

Despite the low quality sound, I really enjoyed this flash. the frame by frame animation was incredibly well done, especially the part where Santa and the elf shake hands. I generally like cartoons with the bad guy trying to foil someones plans and ends up getting hurt in the process. Reminds me of the day when I used to watch Tom and Jerry or Roadrunner. Anyways, the story ended like I thought it would because I was waiting for the band to show up :). I have to take some points off for the sound fx and there were a few gripes I had with some of the lines because I couldn't really hear everything. However, this is definitely worth checking out and good luck with the contest

smirkstudios responds:

thanks brother :D i didnt win anything, but i can always submit another :P you are a good asset to me as a friend, and have been there to answer my flash questions, so thank you, and you will be proud of your teachings soon :D thanks again :P (i would have reviewd this at a 7 or 8 as well, thanks!!!)