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Reviews for "Merry Ricksmas 2"

Great short.

As promised, here is my review... This is a very quality short and it really shows you have talent in animation, from the use of well placed camera angles to the overall smooth flow of action.

The story and premise itself was good. It was a fun and new take on the tried and true "guy-X saves Christmas" storyline with some good pop culture (the grinch) and social references mixed in.

As you mentioned, the voice acting could use work, but all in all it wasn't terrible. The acting itself was actually alright, but moreso the recording quality leaves something to be desired. This did prove to be a factor, but not so much so that it ruined the overall short.

As far as artwork go, you show a good knowledge of perspective, proportion, and flow as well as excelent color and shading ability. I personally am not a fan of using such thin line art, but that may be in part because the thinner your line the more glaring any minor misstep in your art will show.

Again, this was a great short, and it showed that you are definitely a person to keep an eye on for more content in the future.

smirkstudios responds:

wow, thanks a lot bro. it means a lot to me that an award wining animator would review my stuff, so thanks again. i would love to collab with you some day, like maybe do some backgrounds for you or something, so let me know and i'll put together some quality stuff for you, ok bro? thanks dude!

Hey bro!

Great job this year with Rick! You should make a new one at least once a year, and then you would have all year to do other stuff, and think of new ideas and get started on it. I'll definitely be waiting for the 2009 one!

P.S. You should really think about getting me some of that turbangami stuff, I love that style! Jk, peace!

smirkstudios responds:

thanks brother, make sure you start practicing, one day we're gonna have to do a family collab!!!


nice animation style, i recommend at least some background music though, it would fill in the blank spaces within the dialogue. your drawings were a little crude, but fit with the style. also you should try FlashKit.com for any sound effects that you would use, they're all pretty good, check them out.

nice work, hope to see more from you soon! good luck.

smirkstudios responds:

you're right, background music would certainly be a plus in this one... but what song to choose? it would have to be something perfect, you know? thanks for the review, girl, it's good to hear from you :P


this was great!!! it made me laugh!!! goood job friend!!!!!!!

smirkstudios responds:

lol thanks eva, i'm glad you liked it :D

You're a Mean One... Mr. Grinch-Laden

Funny. Great animation. Good drawing. Cute idea. Plus, great guitar at the beginning!!!

smirkstudios responds:

jeez, i know almost all my reviewers!!! 3 of them i know personally!!! cool beans, thanks bro for the comments :D