Hitman's job part 0

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Story plot:
Part 0 shows how the business man got fired because of an arrogant boss who had a bad day and vent his anger on Glen.
Glen is the main charactor who had nothing left, when his boss vent his anger on him. He immediately resigned but that was not all, Mr Dels, his house agent plans to kick him out of his home if he dont pays his rent. Glen, receives a phone call from a mysterious man who plans to give him $50 000 if he do a task for him... to kill. Glen had no choice but to accept it as he already has nothing left and the money will be paid directly to him after he's done, but the outcome is far worse than he ever expected.
must admit im doing voices in the animation. my voices indeed sucks a lot so dont keep your expectations too high :P im quite happy with the animation so far but i still think some angles are really off proportion.
i can only tell you one thing... do expect action in part 2 :)

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Nice movie!

Well, at least you improved your animating skills since the last hitman movie. Nice plot, nice storyline and oh ya! Glen's voice is the only thing you should improve. Nice and awesome!

sam-delitans responds:

Glen's voice is okay. he is suppose to sound like that. im improvng but slowing... im glad u enjoyed the animation. the boss voice, glen voice are fine, the rest i need to improve on them.

Great Story Concept

A real cut above the average flash involving stickmen, this has an intriging story and decent animations. The voices are ok but sound too much like each other, maybe you could get more voice actors? Overall this is a promising start to a series, Keep it up!

sam-delitans responds:

actually, its an average stick figure animation but the suspense and storyline saved it. you can see the movements aint that good and the background still lacked detail... i'll get more actors next time, thanks


Amazing story here dude! Can't wait for more!

sam-delitans responds:

thanks, your in the 'thanks to' list in case your wondering.. lol

Nice work!

Great movie, the story is very good in my opinion.
The music is nice too, but to be honest, i don't really like the movements
and the voiceacting.

But that's all, the rest looks great and i'm really looking
forward to the next part!

Good job! =D

sam-delitans responds:

well hello! havent talk for a longg while. im still pratising on the movements, i got to do more tests before i start part 2. many people are waiting and i dont want to rush it either. so yea, i'll do tests first, then i'll do part 2 because as you and i know, the movments sucked. thanks for your comment, greatly appreciated!

O.O woah

This is an AMAZING story. I cant wait for part 2. and part 3 and part 4. ^^ i hope u make that many atleast. Good luck and may writer blocks stay away from u. Kept the suspence flowing

sam-delitans responds:

err, there is no part 3 & 4. only part 2 but it will be about 10 min long again. so yea, thanks a lot for your comment! just to spoil a bit, there is a twist at the end of the story.. :P

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4.31 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2008
7:36 AM EST