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How to steal a flash-TUT

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Thanks for underdog, I ques? lol

I have seen many people asking how they could steal a flash so they can get populair on newgrounds to. I think everybody deserves a chance to get famous on newgrounds, so that's why I made this tutorial.
So, if you are lazy, bad at flash or whatever, watch this tutorial and steal as many flashes as you want.



How did I see that one coming? Stealing is wrong peoples. Remember that, and you will be the real winner. :3

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I've been had!

I was a but skeptical about clicking next thinking "No one is this dumb." But then again if it showed you how to steal flashes, it wouldnt be here.

You fucking trickster!

Hmmm? *raise eyebrow*

i believe this calls fors a Lolz

no but seriously i clicked for kicks because i already no how to download flash movies (for my own viewing pleasure on PSP), and i laughed at the end


When I first saw your flash I looked at the title, and the genre which is "informative"... I was wondering who would actually submit something when he knows it's illegal.

Then I decided to watch the flash which actually looked serious, and finally I saw it, and I really lol'd. Great work.

The idea is good and original, but the bad points of this flash are it's length (I guess there wasn't any other way to make it) and the voice acting, which wasn't good at all. And when I say that I mean about the quality, because it was still funny.

The artwork/animation in the face was OK, it could have been better, but it wasn't bad either. Maybe making it more similar to the Angry face would be a good idea. And the shoop da woop thing was just crazy, I think it's the first time I ever laugh at it.

So, to sum up, although the art/length weren't very good, you managed to make something funny, congrats for it.
My score: 7/10

Oh wow...

I actually watched this thinking: "Hmmm, and NO ONE has blammed this or ANYTHING?" turns out it has a moral in it. Twisted turn of events.

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3.89 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2008
1:38 PM EST
  • Underdog of the Week November 12, 2008