Reviews for "How to steal a flash-TUT"


You got my hopes up, and then you crushed them. I'm pissed off now.

I Admire your enthusiasm to do whats right.

I was actually searching for a tutorial on how to make my OWN flash ironically enough. This made me LOL though.

while I am spoiled on great flash gods like Egoraptor or Kirbophier, thus the low score, I agree that WAY too many people do this. And looking for a tutorial on the site you are planning to steal from is just stupid. Whoever watches this flash all the way gets what they deserve. I know i did. > .>


dude this is terrible how it gt underdog of the week i will never if you want to make a change dont make a video about it because you cant just change a person with a flash animation. The most you can possibly do is whistle them or just blam them.

Fora responds:

I see, you don't get jokes, sad.


lol wow, made me jump but ya, teach people to make something :p

i jumped when the real message came up

i think thats the best way to get people to stop stealing flash from others

(i think it would be ironic if someone stole this flash you have here)