Reviews for "How to steal a flash-TUT"


I think we all saw that joke coming, but it was still funny...
Enough for me to steal this flash


I don't steal flashes and this doesn't apply to me, i only clicked b/c of underdog. Wow...


just funny

Too right,

You shouldn't steal flashes. I always blow the whistle if I see a stolen flash. Do the work yourself and if the flash is a success, you might feel some accomplishment.
It's really easy to get a copy of a .flv file and transfer it onto your hard drive anyway, so that's probably why so many people are tempted to post them as their own work.
Now, reviewing your piece for more than the moral, I'd have to say it was poorly animated and drawn and was too short to allow it to achieve a high mark.
Although the shoop was funny.


If I had flash, I'd flash goddamit, I'd flash the hell out of it. I'd make it wish it were never flashed! but, I don't have my own copy of flash :(. the CS4 one is like $400 dollars or something though, JEBUS! I would just get the cheapest one I could -,-. Like other people, I'd just watch this out of boredom. I didn't KNOW you could steal flash? That's interesting, I still want to know how it works though -,-. *Lameface*
But I haz 2 say, the smiley was poorly animated! D: I mean, the Frowney, thingy.

Fora responds:

no it was the best smiley on the world, just face it.