Reviews for "How to steal a flash-TUT"


you're so right


This is quite a good flash for the low score it got, good job.

well theres quite a bit of flaws in this

trying to steal flashes from the real artist is pretty damn hard in the first place and chances are they would release THEIR finished work before the dumb retard that tried to steal it. If the real author by some chance forgot to credit themselves in their own flash and it was uploaded on youtube or something website i can understand but most talented authors usually never forget that part :P. So in the end they would never get fame or popularity. Overall i think this flash was pointless and not really informative.

Fora responds:

It was a frecking joke..


I looked at this because it won underdog and I fell out of my chair! kudos


i can steal flash tho but ill get my account deleated if i do
but ok then