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Inspired by the parasomnia disorder of my youth.

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So.... how is this rated E ?


And as I get started on this submission entry, I found it entertaining it even gets better as it plays thru and such, Now while its just the start of things I think you really have something here, so keep going with that. Here with this one you had a deep feel and all the dark touches really came thru, nice effects and some good story you have pushed forward here made for a good little flash here. So there are lots to be inspired about especially with all the wonders that flash brings including new ideas and whatnot, aswell as the fans and the joy your work may bring them, So keep up the good work and positive vibe.

Alright here we are again, And I just want to say spray on the positive ideas and make this a refreshing piece, But from what I can see you have done most of that, It may just need a touch up or two, lets see what we can come up with. Not really sure how to improve on this piece as it was very well done, nice effort all the way.



Very nice

U almost got me at the end of it there lol. Nice vid

Pretty good!!

Kinda reminds me of childhood nightmares...
... Oh! Don't worry, that's a good thing!! :D
The twisted and dark will always be awesome!