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fbf something

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Author Comments

a fbf animation.

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There's just not enough to look at.

I really like the background you've got here. Funky saturated colours.

My main beef is that you've just not done enough work here - there's maybe 3s of animation here and it's not specially impressive. Make the animation last for at least 20s, put the music onto 'stream', so we don't have to download the entire track for such tiny animation...

There's just not enough to look at.


Not great at all

Visually it's kind of an eye sore. The background is very ugly looking. And the "animation" if you can call it that. Is just a like being drawn. You really should put more thought into it. It might have been good if you made it longer. Like at least 1 minute.

The song was what made it 5.5MB, you should have compressed the audio and not put in the whole song. It's just a waste of MB's. But the song's good. But one of those ones that's over used.

Overall this needs alot of work. But with time you'll improve your skills. By all means keep trying. There's potential if you have the commitment to submit something.

=Review Request Club=

mikkim responds:


that was 5.5MBs?

Visuals: A moving line on a multicoloured background, that loops a after every second and a half, make the loop much longer, and the graphics quality much better if you intend to build on this please

Audio: the majority of the content of this flash was in the audio, which I must admit was the biggest redeeming qualities here, still not enough to pass, but helps anyway

Overall: in my opinion this was a pointless submission, that should have been added to before it was submitted in its current form, make it longer and you might have a decent flash here

.:Review Request Club:.

mikkim responds:


Utter garbage

I'm sorry, I have little praise for this piece, as it really barely merits a review - the only saving grace is that I can point out where to improve, i.e. everywhere.

Start by losing the background - this sort of animation would be better off on a white screen, or any other colour, for that matter. You then need to work on the frame-by frame animation. It needs to have a certain oomf, by going further than the outline of a rocket. With this in mind, you need to take it further and not loop in when you get to the rocket - take the rocket further, increase the fps speed and really go for it. Plenty of tutorials on this site can help with FBF skills.

Also, the music - a nice piece, but I think it needs to have further animation to justify such a nice piece being a part of this. Try searching for some shorter tunes, which might be better suited to the length of the tune.

[Review Request Club]

mikkim responds:

Losing the background- If I remade this, I wouldn't do that... I think it looks good. improve the animation to make it longer- exactly what I would do... btw, I don't need tutorials to do that, I just need to stop being so lazy... lol- the music- I made this for the music, not the other way around, so... Nope. I agree with the extend the piece alot, but I don't agree with remove background, music, or learn how to do fbf, because I don't need to learn what I alredy know/knew.

Not enough

This doesn't seem to be the finished produt ... The only thing I can see is a multicolored background with a line moving. It's not enough.

I can't comment a lot about the graphics. The background wasn't good, like Haggard said you should replace it with a unicolor background. Maybe change the color of the background along the flash to make it more intressting. The animation is not exhaustive at all. The same thing is repeating over and over, more diversity wouldn't be useless.

No preloader ... it's shame because the loading was long and the wait gets even more boring without preloader.

The audio wasn't of my taste, I don't like techno that much but I respect your choice. Though the sound quality was great, I think you just put the song without any audio optimization, this is why the file is that big.

Overall it wasn't exhaustive at all, the only thing that save you from a 0 is the audio quality though the lack of originality penalizes you a lot. Add a preloader, diversify the movements of the "line" and change the background.

*Review Request Club*

Credits & Info

1.38 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2008
6:55 PM EDT