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Reviews for "fbf something"

Hehe! Mai song!

W00t! Thanks for using my song dude! Although it could use a LITTLE more creativity, and length, I STILL LOVE IT!!!


I like the idea...

but you really need to get some other stuff going on here! The music is very cool too.... but again... something else should be happening other than that loop


Quite low quality. I like FBF flash but this was choppy, short, and didn't have much point.

A good backing track. Not any other sound though.

I liked the background. Apart from that, I was not impressed.

Humour:Not rated:
No humour.

Not much to present.

No preloader. Very annoying.

The FBF style is nice but I think you could improve on your work.

Violence:Not rated:
No violence.

V-Camming:Not rated:
No vCam used, or none that I realised.

I didn't enjoy it. You CAN improve on your flash. Just take more time on it.

Very short. Try to improve and extend your flash.

Well it needs to be finished.

Animation/Graphics - The background was a little iffy in my opinion. Maybe you should of used something that wasn't so distracting as your background. The color of the lines were ok I guess. Anyway, this is about all I can review in terms of animation and graphics so far with what you have.

Story - Not much there yet. I think you were going to make a flash that consisted of a bunch of lines making random movements and random pictures right? That's an ok flash, but you only had a couple of seconds of it. If this was a preview then keep doing what you are doing and we will see what happens.

Audio - A nice selection of audio here, but I think you could of compressed your audio to make the file size smaller. I mean the animation didn't take up any file size as there is barely anything there at all so it must of been the audio doing it. Compress the audio next time unless it really makes the quality bad.

Overall - This needs to be finished before it can be given a really good review from me, but I did what I could with what you gave me.


~ Review Request Club ~

Not enough

This doesn't seem to be the finished produt ... The only thing I can see is a multicolored background with a line moving. It's not enough.

I can't comment a lot about the graphics. The background wasn't good, like Haggard said you should replace it with a unicolor background. Maybe change the color of the background along the flash to make it more intressting. The animation is not exhaustive at all. The same thing is repeating over and over, more diversity wouldn't be useless.

No preloader ... it's shame because the loading was long and the wait gets even more boring without preloader.

The audio wasn't of my taste, I don't like techno that much but I respect your choice. Though the sound quality was great, I think you just put the song without any audio optimization, this is why the file is that big.

Overall it wasn't exhaustive at all, the only thing that save you from a 0 is the audio quality though the lack of originality penalizes you a lot. Add a preloader, diversify the movements of the "line" and change the background.

*Review Request Club*