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Appleville Ep 1

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Follow the adventures of a pineapple and some other generic character in their quest for lactose. After general frustration of trying to find voice actors, I eventually pick up speakonia and my microphone and
just did all the voices myself. I wish I had a better microphone and generally a better voice actor.

Enjoy yourself now.

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You make me laugh

A very silly cartoon.
It reminds of me early Nameless cartoons. And look how huge they are now!!
That could be you!

As I promised, I made a list of all of the subtle randomness that I love in this movie. There are few real jokes in this, all of the rest of them are just things happening. Things that most people notice, but possibly not everyone.
They are all cronological and whatnot.
-Subtitles don't match fully
-Shrinks as he goes down stairs. A common mistake when animating, but you did it very cleverly, and intentionally
-Red dude randomly gets hair and a hat
-Red dude's arms disappear, then kind of fly away
-Pinapple's flashback noises *whooshwooshwoosh*
-Pinapple suddenly has the "job shirt"
-Red dude's face keeps changing
-Red does a crab walk onto scene, and pinapple snail crawls. I loved that part :D
-When red walks away, you make the corniest no leg walk animation ever, and it was funny
-Pinapple flashes on and off screen randomly
-Pinapple's leaf things are suddenly way more detailed, just like your old pinapple logo
-The singing dudes silouhette mimicker thing is often doing the wrong thing, or falling behind the real dude. I think that was actually my favorite part.
He should return to the series, but with real lines, not just singing. Always with that shadow guy and such

Anyways. I made that list just because I said I would.
Very awesome cartoon.
It has great humor and timing. As others have said, the pacing was a little shaky. But I'm sure this series will turn into something much more.
Maybe get some voice actors on board too

FrozenSheep responds:

I was fairly influenced by nameless during the whole thing. Though I'd doubt I can reach nameless-esque stardom here or even come close. I'll aim low for now.


Ah hahahahahaha!

FrozenSheep you are a crazy boy! A crazy boy!

good start

I would really like to see more episodes from this creative duo and for a start it's not bad but it does have some very noticeable mishaps.

To start off the animation and graphics were top notch, they were both smooth and well put, you obviously took a lot of time perfecting it and it really shows. The humor is the same but not as well done. You have based this entire flash of random humor which is fine because you do so well, it's just that the overall pacing of the story doesn't really help pat the humor on the back like you would want it to.

The overall storyline isn't the problem here, it's the pacing. The story is paced very slowly which when in function to the random humor doesn't really seem to fit. Random humor is usually a very quick little pinch, the pace of the flash doesn't really lend itself to that very well and makes most of the jokes seem very monotonous and dull.

With great visuals but a slow paced story which in turn dulls down the humor.


I would love to see more of this.

FrozenSheep responds:

When I got to see the movie as a whole, the pace bothered me a lot. In the end there was not much I could do about it without major changes.

Nice thing to know for the next one.


deserves about 8/10
loses 2 points because of the all around weirdness
made me laugh a little...add some more colour into it next time :P


Great style.
Keep on keeping on.

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4.03 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2008
12:53 AM EDT