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Special thanks to Chakra-X on some advice involving the optimizing of our intro! Much appreciated!

Sometime ago, my brother (Jasper-Xale) and myself decided to create a story that incorporates some characters from the mega man universe, sonic universe (Archie and Fleetway included) along with a few obscure video game characters. Thus Xenorealms was born (No relation to Xenogears or Xenosaga). It originally was going to be a sprite animation but to limitations with sprites, we decided on hand-drawn animation for the series instead.

The story takes place on the world of Terra and focuses on a alternate older version of Rock Volnutt from Mega Man Legends as he serves as a maverick hunter along with his Sister Roll. Rock begins to doubt his abilities and wonders if he'll ever be given important assignments like his mentor Zero (MMZ Version). However, his world is suddenly turned upside down when an unknown maverick army invades his world and is led by a powerful maverick named Metal man (Exe.version) who's orders are to retrieve a strange red emerald with unknown properties. As the story progresses, Rock soon discovers that the one behind Metal man's actions is none other than the legendary madman scientist "Dr. Albert W. Wily" who was thought to have perished four years ago in his own world .

We decided to take a anime-approach for creating the intro. I along with my brother are hoping to simulate a hybrid cross of Justice League Unlimited for the overall feel and D-gray-man for the overall action. (In others words, NO D-B-Z!!!!!) Also unlike other crossover stories, we created new stories for some of the characters and for those with existing story lines, we retconned them with the current storyline. Our intention is to tell an complex story even if the characters are not our own. We respect the creators of these characters enough, that we wouldn't just put them simply into a "Cross-orgy" (sources thrown together with no regard to blending their continuities, simply because the author is "hopelessly" in love with all those favorite series of his/hers)

*Note* And for those who most likely will say, "Why are you wasting your time with characters that are not yours? Make your own original characters and stop living out your fan-boy dream" , three sentences sums it up:

1.) We're doing this for the fun of it and testing our potential as creators.

2.) I do have my own original series which I will be working on while working on this as does my bro with his upcoming projects.

3.) Whether it be your own characters or not, you should at least put some effort into developing them so isn't a titanic waste of time for yourself and the people viewing it.

In any case, enjoy the hope movie, y'all! Constructive criticism is welcomed.

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What are they saying?

not feeling it :(

I dont get it...

wth are they walking too? nice intro though.

That's Pretty Good

As a fan of Megaman Series(Especially Legends) I loved when you did them main characters. Animations were pretty good as well

well..... good

it was very nice but you are just starting rigt?
anyway trry to make tis a sprite series plez then it will rock n' roll
(Try to find the pun)

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Jul 3, 2008
8:50 PM EDT
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