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Take on the role of a group of Wooglings (Woogi Children). Each Woogling has a specific skill such as cutting through land, making rope ladders, or creating land.

With their skills combined they can take on ANY challenge!

This has the 1st 4 levels of the game. Visit www.woogiworld.com to play more!

This is a game I helped make for WoogiWorld.com. I did all the art and animation and the basic underlying concept and engine. Webmasters feel free to grab this game for your site!



the game is really cute and really looks like that freakin old game called Lemmings,but the worst part is that it is like the guy below so declares it be, a freakin advertisement....

pls,nxt time,post the whole damn thing,or even jus half.....

oh ya ,do i nd to sign up if i want to continue playing the game at ur site?


first i'd like to point out that your response to the review before me made me laugh hard.

ok i understand peoples problem with the advertisement aspect but to be honest, for people to say that and then vote 5 on the armor games, mochi, etc. games without a problem is rediculous.

so heres to your game, and your site (which ill now check out)

the game was well made. a very sleek look and smooth play. the actual action interface could be cleaned up a bit but otherwise fine.

on the whole a solid game with the "lemmings" gameplay. unfortunately it didn't fully hook me

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Pretty interesting

It was fun and addictive. I enjoyed the simple art work. Kids would love it.
Kind of short. You should add more so the kids will be entertained longer. I give it a 4/5 and a 8/10

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The right to survive

I agree that only having 4 playable levels is a very few considering that the game is really great.
But the game developers have all the right to try to make a little of business, we love to develop games but everybody would be happier if we could recover a little of the effort we put in making the games, it's really difficult only to live from the air.


its good yes but could be better my friends well ho cares 8/10 and 4/5 keep it up :D

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3.55 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
2:15 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other