Reviews for "Wooglings"

Very Nice

It was really good i liked it .. a lot :P

to be frank,

it was a waste of time, my time, so please, sever dubmit anything that sucks this bad again..... animation was ok, only one real level, game for 5 year olds, yeah yeah yeah...... im sorry, but..... no, just no, doesnt work at all


wats ur problem? this wasnt a game, it waz a peice of crap! the only reason i gav it a 6, is because:
1) it reminds me od flemings
2) it wud be a great game if it wer longer.

good, good..

i never liked lemmings, NEVER. dunno has my taste changed or is this wonderful pause while choosing action -thing something new?

basically a lemmings clone

well, lemmings was an excellent game, but this is just a demo! why is it rated so highly for just 1 level?