Reviews for "Wooglings"


Pretty good game, I enjoyed playing, tho it short on newgrounds,
but anyways, cool idea for a game, good designing and nice little
Good job!

A good concept.

This was a very creative idea for a game. I liked the basic controls, and the animation of the Woogling creatures was pretty cool. I enjoy games where you have multiple characters who must use their abilities to overcome obstacles, and this was the tip of the iceberg. I liked the Wizard Woogling the best, it took me a while, but I finally got the hang of drawing my own paths.

Will you be making a second one? It seems as if there are several other ideas for leavels you could create. Maybe you could even throw a couple of new bosses here and there. Overall, it was a challenging game. Would it be okay if I recommend it to the puzzles collection? I hope to see more games like this in the future, keep up the great work!

Lemmings?!?... not quite...

I love lemmings... But i'm going to have to agree with Fried Fishy. The concept is great. But i'm not too sure that this is the correct approach. The game does seem a tad bit childish (which is fine by me) but perhaps a little more complex story and more detailed characters would spice it up. The puzzles were not hard so i feel like this game never reaches it's full potential. And (though it's blasphemy in the lemmings world) the ability to control the characters movement might put a fresh spin on this idea. I see that you responded very negatively to other criticisms... I find that immature. You are one of my favorite artists on NG, but everyone needs some criticism somewhere. This game is far from perfect, and these are your audiences opinions. Don't bash them just because they don't say the game's perfect. But all in all a wonderful job, man. I'll be keeping an eye out for more entries and a sequel!

BoMToons responds:

I just responded that way to one reviewer whose review really was sub-par, try reading some of my other responses before snapping to a judgement.

Your review was good tho. :)

Good but a bit short....

Personaly... I liked it but it could of been better. This is because....
<i> It should be much,much longer with much better, loner,harder levels.
<ii> It should have more characters. Maybe a parachute jumper, or an explosive expert?
<iii> A bit more of a story in it.... and a bit of a twist.... I.E. The Woogling Kings' crown has been stolen and the Wooglings have been hired to retreve it from the evil Wooglings?
All in all though....It was a pretty good game....but like i said before....waaay too short


first i'd like to point out that your response to the review before me made me laugh hard.

ok i understand peoples problem with the advertisement aspect but to be honest, for people to say that and then vote 5 on the armor games, mochi, etc. games without a problem is rediculous.

so heres to your game, and your site (which ill now check out)

the game was well made. a very sleek look and smooth play. the actual action interface could be cleaned up a bit but otherwise fine.

on the whole a solid game with the "lemmings" gameplay. unfortunately it didn't fully hook me