Reviews for "Wooglings"

Rather Good...

But I just dont think that NG is a good place to advertise your kind of site, I'm not sure, but i do think the main demografic for NG users is a bit to old, and/or perverse to want to submit any info and create an account to anything that dosnt promise a little boob-action, and/or weirdness of the exsessive kind.. The four levels demo thats here on NG will get a 7/10 from me, mainly because the game is a ruse to get ppl to visit your site.. 'think of the children?!' Other then that, great job, would have wanted to play the ful llenght game, but, no boob-action on your site...

That's all meh.. to short.

but still cool game...

Good Game

Really good game, even if it is a rip-off of lemmings.

However, all you have done is essentially make a fancy link to your site; you give us three levels that are incredibly easy and short and then link to your site. Your scarcely better than the people who post links in their comments.

BoMToons responds:

There are 4 levels.


Great try for a game but everyones right, noone wants to sign up for some piece of s*** site. (i would have swore but this is for all ages)


No-point in playing this, you get 3 levels, and then they give u a link to sighn up to play, you then need to create an account.. its just not worth it..

But the game itself was actully realy good!