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Purple Sawdust

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I really can't believe I won something... man. It's so surreal to me. I'm going to try not gushing or anything, but I just want to seriously thank everyone. This really means a lot to me. Thanks so much
Hey guys, here it is, my Pico Day movie.

Lot of sweat and tears went in to this one, like everything though, I had a blast making it.

There's a few references in this, both Newgrounds and others, I'll be curious if anyone can figure them all out, some are harder than others.

Special Thanks to:
The Swain

Anyways Happy Pico Day, and Happy Birthday Tom!

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His game quite literally broke

Judging by the title and tumbnail, I thought Pico was going to kick "Me"'s ass. But hey a pleasant surprise, I like Dad better anyway. That ending gag was a nice touch.

his game. it exploded

no one hurts dad and gets away with it

i like dad but

what does this have to do with pico?